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Employment Tax Incentive Programme for Employed/Unemployed Youth.

Many students grapple with self-doubt when it comes to their learning abilities. Our unique process is designed to assist them in redefining and reimagining education, enabling them to embark on a transformative journey and rediscover the true worth of their lives.


Divine Creators

Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) Programme for Employed/Unemployed Youth

Meet the best Subject(s) expert Facilitator, Assessor & moderator registered
and approved by ETDP SETA, SSETA and other relevant SETAs.

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Divine Creators (Pty) Ltd is a registered company that offers accredited Business Administration and New Venture Creation NQF level 4.

“Education shouldn’t cost you economic freedom and success”.

Unlock Economic Freedom & Success Through Education!

Our mission is to empower employed/unemployed individuals aged 18-28 through our online application process. To start your application, visit our website, enroll with us using the IND101 key on the Induction course below then easily upload the required essential documents:

Get started

An initialed and signed contract with the employer.

Matric Certificate

A copy of your highest qualification or Matric Certificate.

ID Document

A certified copy of your identity document.


Upload your latest Curriculum Vitae.

Complete EEA1 Declaration Form

The Department of Labour EEA1 declaration form.

Banking Detail for Stipend

A bank statement or confirmation letter from your bank.

Explore the Divine Creators Learning Platform!

It’s time to change your life

"Be part of your education. Be part of your purpose. Be part of your vision’. Give it life! Write your own Script."

1. Register

For ETI Learnership Programme

2. Design

Your life

3. Implement

A career marketing that works

4. Learn

How to brand your company

Available courses

Course image" Induction
Course image
Course summary text:

"Unlock Economic Freedom and Success Through Education!

At Divine Creators we are committed to ...

Credits: 2
NQF Level: 4
Credits: 4

Get To Know Us

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Our Why

Our commitment is to understand our students' unique context, enabling them to address external, internal, and philosophical challenges. We aim to inspire you, guiding you through transformative principles to uncover your purpose and identity. 

Our goal is to assist students in becoming their best selves, pursuing what truly inspires them. We collaborate with individuals who are passionate about personal growth, providing them with top-notch resources. We provide education that unlocks your identity and illuminates your purpose.

Why Should You Care?

  • Embrace clarity in your thinking as you embark on your transformation journey.
  • Your personal brand is a valuable asset, so ensure it remains sharp and impactful.
  • Your mind is the master of your assets; embrace disruptive thinking to make the right moves and achieve your goals.

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About Us

Divine Creators recognizes that students face challenges in:

  • Recognizing the potential for transformation.
  • Designing their lives to not only survive but thrive.

We offer superior tools and guidance to empower you in achieving personal change and transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common queries in our FAQs section. Find quick solutions to your questions and learn more about our services.

Yes, the client approach various companies to assist with R400 stipend for online data purpose, as the training take place on our website/app and/or the scholar employee must also identify local community centres in his/her areas of residence that will offer them access to free Wi-Fi.

No, as part of the ETI programme you are employed at a participating ETI company that funds your

You will receive a certificate of accreditation on completion of the selected course.

Yes, it is a registered company that offers online and traditional training. Divine Creators (Pty) Ltd

Practical work is facilitated and planned by the appointed subject specialists and your employer. This
planning will be communicated to you via the communication channels being email, cell phone etc.

No, the purpose of this programme is to offer you an opportunity to obtain a skills programme
qualification that will improve your chances of employment.

You are employed for a period of 12 months, on a fixed term contract unless you choose to terminate the programme early, then you are employed for the period of time you on the ETI programme.